The first case of Zika fever in Russia

In early February 2016, acute infection caused by the Zika virus was diagnosed in a Russian tourist who returned from the Dominican Republic. The viral RNA was detected by PCR in blood plasma, urine and saliva at the 8th day of disease, in the next five days – only in urine. The clinical symptoms included an increase of temperature to 38°С, headaches, arthralgia, diarrhoea, profuse small maculopapular rash on the skin of the face, trunk and the extremities, red eyes, enlargement of cervical lymph nodes. For the sample of viral RNA isolated from the patient’s urine a nucleotide sequence of the genome region encoding NS2a and NS2b proteins was determined. As has been proven, the isolated Zika virus belongs to the Asian line that caused the current outbreak of Zika fever in America.

Read more in the latest "Infectious Diseases" (the article is in Russian).

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