Sleep disorders as a possible risk factor of somatic and psychopathological diseases in childhood

S.A.Nemkova, N.N.Zavadenko, Yu.E.Nesterovskiy, T.Li2, N.N.Volodin, V.A.Dorovskikh

The review deals with topical problems of complex diagnosis and correction of sleep disorders in children. Special attention is paid to pathophysiological mechanisms and clinical aspects of the interrelation between sleep disorders and development of somatic and psychopathological disorders, based on analysis of literature data the leading risk factors of development of oncological diseases are shown. The problems of instrumental (polysomnography, pulse oximetry) and clinical diagnosis of sleep disorders in childhood (insomnia, parasomnia) are highlighted in detail; much attention is given to obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. Modern aspects of non-pharmacological and drug therapies for sleep disorders in children are discussed, a high efficacy of phytotherapeutic treatments developed on the basis of prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine are demonstrated from the positions of evidence-based medicine. Diagnosis and correction of sleep disorders is a complex problem, the solution of which should take into consideration multiple causes of sleep disorders and mechanisms of its regulation. A differentiated comprehensive approach would enhance the effectiveness of treatment and improve the quality of life of patients.

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