A scandal around Ebola fever

RIA «Novosti» reports: an American nurse Nina Pham, who became infected with Ebola fever at a Dallas hospital, sued the hospital’s parent company – Texas Health Resources (THR). According to the plaintiff, she has not received necessary instructions before caring for a patient infected with the deadly virus.As is known, the hospital treated a Liberian citizen Thomas Eric Duncan from 20th September. He arrived to Dallas from Africa where the Ebola outbreak is noted. The nurse’s treatment was successful but the very fact of being infected resulted in a psychological trauma, after which she will hardly return to work. The plaintiff says that the hospital’s representatives lied to the US Congress, when they said that medical staff received all necessary information about the fever. In fact, the manager could find on the internet all information about disease that she received. On the first day of caring the nurse wore double gloves, a regular isolation gown and a medical mask but her neck and hair remained unprotected. The temporary isolation unit, where the patient stayed, consisted of a film attached to the ceiling and walls of the ward. After the patient’s diagnosis was confirmed, medical staff received protective suits. The patient died on 8 October. Later, the plaintiff and one more nurse of the hospital were diagnosed with Ebola. The nurse was the first to be infected with Ebola in the US.

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