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Long-term results of buccal replacement corporoplasty for penile curvatures in Peyronie’s disease

The objective. To evaluate the efficacy of using buccal mucosa as a graft for replacement of the penile tunica albuginea plaque in patients with Peyronie’s disease. Patients and methods. Twelve patients with penile curvature (average age 55.2 ± 6.2 years), preserved erectile function (IIEF  scores  11–25),  mean  angle  of  deformity  from  45  to  120°  underwent  operative  intervention  –  replacement corporoplasty of the penis with the use of a buccal mucosal patch. Operative interventions were performed by two teams of surgeons. The first team performed scalping of the penile body, mobilization of the neurovascular bundle, incision of a plaque,  measurement  of  the  sizes  of  the  tunica  albuginea  defect-  the  second  team  of  surgeons  harvested  the  buccal mucosa and prepared the graft. Results. The mean operative time was 108 ± 20 min (70–130 min), mean buccal mucosal harvesting time with subsequent preparation  of  the  graft  –  30.4  ±  5.2  min  (25–40  min),  maximal  sizes  of  the  incised  patch  –  to  4  x  5  cm.  In  all  patients straightening of the penile curvature was obtained without shortening its length. Also, improvement of erectile function to IIEF scores 22.9 ± 2.85 was noted. The maximal follow­-up time was to 18 months. Conclusion.  The  authors  have  proved  the  indisputable  advantages  of  the  buccal  mucosa  (extensibility,  structure  of  the mucosal patch (muscular fibers), vast vascular network, thickness of the patch), absence of formation of patch contractures, possibility of replacing large size defects, absence of the need for additional incisions (venous patch).