Ageing management from the position of the telomere theory

Ageing is the main risk factor for the development of most chronic diseases and functional disorders. There are various theories which can explain this process. Telomere theory of ageing is very consistent and explains the development of age-associated diseases. Studies of long-living animals brings hope to gerontologists about the possibility of reverse ageing in human beings. The first clinical data on use of telomerase activators are optimistic and require the expansion of clinical application. The article
examines in details telomere theory of aging and history of its development. The mechanisms of the development of a number of chronic diseases are explained with the telomere theory and a special attention is paid to drugs that lead to telomere length elongation.

Key words: aging, telomeres, telomerase theory, telomerase, telomerase activator, regulatory peptides, anti-aging therapy.

For citation: Khammad E.V., Kostochko E.A., Filimonov M.I. Ageing management from the position of the telomere theory. Vopr. dietol. (Nutrition). 2018; 8(2): 46–50. (In Russian).

DOI: 10.20953/2224-5448-2018-2-46-50