Possibilities of modelling functional meat products

Construction of meat foods for diet therapy consists in modification of ingredients and production technologies, includes an increase of the mass fraction of biologically active substances, plant fibers, use of probiotics. Based on the principles of scientific construction of functional meat products with proven clinical efficacy, the article presents a culinary technique of preparing a red meat product (low-fat pork), substantiates the technology of its manufacture and the composition that includes minced ingredients of low-fat pork rolled in a leaf of Chinese cabbage with addition of onion and bell pepper, and spices. The signs of the similarity between the dietary ingredients of the proposed semi-finished meat product and the clinically proven properties of the functionality of ingredients have been demonstrated. They include antioxidant properties of vegetable ingredients introduced into the recipe, high contents of dietary fibers, low levels of lipid oxidation of the minced meat composition.

Key words: semi-finished meat foods, functional meat products, prophylactic dietetic nutrition.

For citation: Bespalova O.V., Bezryadnova A.S. Possibilities of modelling functional meat products. Vopr. dietol. (Nutrition). 2016; 6(1): 40–46.

DOI: 10.20953/2224-5448-2016-1-40-46