Potential of phytotherapy for detoxification of the body

Currently there are about 120 kinds of plants, where biologically active compounds – phytocompounds – have been identified. Phytotherapy cannot replace conventional medical treatment. The main task of phytotherapy is to restore the total balance of the body, preserve health and prevent diseases. High concentrations of antioxidants in phytopreparations contribute to a successful detoxification of the body. The significant shortcoming of most phytopreparations is a relatively low, about 15%, degree of their assimilation by the body. At present, this task has been successfully solved: production of liquid phytopreparations in ampoules increases the degree of their assimilation up to 90%. Inclusion of biologically active food supplements in the form of liquid plant extracts might be regarded as a new perspective in phytotherapy and detoxification.

Key words: food supplement, detoxification, phytocompounds, phytotherapy.