Vitamin-mineral complexes in childhood: indications for use

Optimal nutrition of children necessitates the adequacy between a child’s needs for vital nutrients and their intake during the period of intensive growth and development. An imbalance between the need for food and energy and their intake leads to fast impairment of the functions of a child’s organism. Inadequate or poor nutrition results in development of conditions associated with deficiencies of essential nutrients (protein and energy) and vitamins and mineral substances. Disorders of the vitamin-mineral status in children are one of important problems of nutrition. The main factors contributing to the development of deficiency of vitamins and mineral substances are limited availability to sunlight and fresh food products, their insufficient intake with meals, and also various social factors (parental educational level, a socioeconomic status of the family, etc.), acute and chronic diseases and absence of adequate medical care. The article gives a detailed account of the outcomes of vitamins and mineral deficiencies in children of various age groups, and of the methods of their prevention and correction.

Key words: vitamins, children, treatment, minerals, micronutrients, prevention.

DOI: 10.20953/2224-5448-2014-4-24-31