Infectious Diseases

The evaluation of information laboratory tests to diagnose the type of coagulopathy of patients with leptospirosis

The objective. To improve selection efficiency of valuable laboratory parameters to diagnose the Type of coagulopathy of patients with leptospirosis.

Patients and methods. 475 patients with leptospirosis were undergoing assessment. We defined Platelets count in the peripheral blood, Level of fibrinogen, Activated partial thromboplastin time, Prothrombin index, the Platelet aggregation area, Ristocetincofactor
activity of von Willebrand factor, Minimum amplitude and the Lifetime of an blood clot of the electrocoagulogram, Level of soluble fibrin-monomer complexes, Plasma free hemoglobin level, the Activity of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. The most valuable diagnostic factors were selected on the basis of sensitivity analysis of a neural networks (by Neural Imitator of STATISTICA Automated Neural Networks) and the Method of expert evaluation. The Type of coagulopathy of patients with leptospirosis was determined on the basis of Neural network classification and Linear discriminant analysis.

Results. We proposed the Coefficient of the predictor influence (CPI) to show the contribution of a specific laboratory test which comprises laboratory parameters-predictors to the collective result of classification of coagulopathy of patients with leptospirosis. We developed a unit by using CPI and showed how it works by using clinical examples to diagnose of a type of hemostasis disorder in the Medical decision support system (MDSS). 

Conclusion. The method of evaluation predictors, which is based on CPI, allowed us to create classification algorithms for MDSS and to determine with high accuracy the type of coagulopathy of patients with leptospirosis by using 7 laboratory parameters.

Key words: diagnosis of coagulopathy hemostasis, discriminatory analysis, leptospirosis, method of expert assessments, neural network classification.

For citation: Moysova D.L., Usatikov S.V., Shkirya T.V., Gorodin V.N. The evaluation of information laboratory tests to diagnose the type of coagulopathy of patients with leptospirosis. Infekc. bolezni (Infectious diseases). 2018; 16(4): 22–33. (In Russian).
DOI: 10.20953/1729-9225-2018-4-22-33

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