Infectious Diseases

Functional liver disorders in patients with acute moderate gastroenterites

The objective. To establish the presence and character of liver disorders in patients with acute moderate gastroenterites. Patients  and  methods.  170  patients with  acute  moderate infectious gastroenterites were examined  (age  38.0 ±  1.4  years, females  57.7%).  Al   the  patients  had  dynamic  biochemical  examination,  part  of  the  patients  underwent  tetrapolar rheohepatography, ultrasound scanning, detection of blood nitric oxide, interleukin-10 and interleukin-12 levels. Results.  Clinical  symptoms  of  liver  damage  were  found  in  31.8%  of  patients,  biochemical  symptoms  –  in  71.4%,  their incidence did not depend on the etiology of gastroenteritis or presence of associated diseases diagnosed in 86.5% of patients according  to  the  findings  of  ultrasound  scanning.  Rheographic  examination  detected  the  presence  of  microcirculatory intrahepatic disorders, leading to oedema of the liver and impaired bile outflow. The cytokine dynamics correlated with the severity  and  frequency  of  organ  disorders,  confirmed  a  systemic  character  of  inflammatory  process  in  acute  infectious gastroenterites. Conclusion. In a number of patients with acute moderate gastroenterites, combination of clinical, laboratory and instrumental signs of the liver function disorders were indicative of the possibility of development of the manifestations of hepatitis, which required targeted treatments.