Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

Oxidative stress parameters and pro-inflammatory status of patients with menstrual disorders against obesity treatment

Objective. To study the effect of cyclical vitamin therapy on the parameters of oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory status of patients with menstrual disorders against the background of obesity treatment.

Patients and methods. The study included 49 women aged 20 to 35 years (29.4 (26.5; 33.2) years) with obesity and various menstrual disorders. Twenty-six (53.06%) patients had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). To treat obesity, 26 patients followed a diet and received Orlistat 120 mg three times a day. Twenty-three women received similar treatment and additionally took micronutrient supplements. In both groups, treatment was continued for 4 months.
Results. Body mass index decreased by 1.9 (0.3; 2.3) kg/m2 in the group of women who received Orlistat, and by 1.6 (0.5;
2.7) kg/m2 in the group of women who received Orlistat and vitamins. Menstrual cycle normalized in more than a third of patients in each group. Baseline levels of oxidative stress and C-reactive protein concentrations were abnormal in all patients, especially in PCOS. Decrease of tocopherol (12.8 (6.6; 14.7) μg/mL; 7.1 (3.4; 9.1) μg/mL, p = 0.04) and beta-carotene (680.1 (320.3; 810.3) μg/mL; 420.3 (150.4; 510.1) μg/mL, p = 0.01) concentrations in the blood of patients who did not receive vitamins during treatment was expected, as was their increase in those who took vitamins (tocopherol 10.1 (4.5; 15.1) μg/mL; 13.2 (7.1; 15.9) μg/mL, p = 0.045; beta-carotene 610.4 (450.3; 710.5) μg/mL; 630.4 (570.3; 790.5) μg/mL, p > 0.05). In the blood of those patients who received vitamins, the concentration of the antioxidant ubiquinone (0.6 (0.3; 1.4) μg/mL; 1.1 (0.5; 1.7) μg/mL, p = 0.002) increased, and the positive dynamics of oxidative stress parameters were more considerable and statistically more significant.
Conclusion. Supplementation of micronutrient complex in the treatment of obesity helps to improve the parameters of antioxidant protection and pro-inflammatory status.
Key words: obesity, menstrual disorders, oxidative stress, pro-inflammatory status, cyclical vitamin therapy
For citation: Glazkova O.L., Podzolkova N.M., Shmeleva S.V., Baymeeva N.V. Oxidative stress parameters and proinflammatory status of patients with menstrual disorders against obesity treatment. Vopr. ginekol. akus. perinatol. (Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology). 2021; 20(4): 149–154. (In Russian). DOI: 10.20953/1726-1678-2021-4-149-154

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