Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

The role of antiogenic growth factors in the genesis of placental insufficiency on the background of gestosis

The authors carried out a prospective dynamic examination of 80 pregnant women from a group of high risk for development of gestosis and placental insufficiency, in whom the course of pregnancy was complicated by gestosis and placental insufficiency of varied severity, they comprised the basic group. The control group consisted of 40 pregnant women with a noncomplicated course of pregnancy and childbirth. A dynamic complex examination was performed, which included ultrasound imaging, Doppler imaging, cardiotocography and laboratory investigations (general clinical tests, detection of the levels of growth factors (VEGF, PGF). In pregnant women with PI on the background of gestosis higher levels of VEGF up to 4 times and decreased PGF up to 5 times were noted. Detection of the values of growth factors (VEGF and PGF) together with fetometry, Doppler scans of blood flow, and cardiotocography might serve as an additional criterion for evaluation of severity, prediction of development of gestosis and placental insufficiency.