Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

A clinical significance of thrombophilia in the development of apoptosis and proliferation in placental insufficiency

The objective of the study: to assess the significance of thrombophilias for the development of apoptosis, proliferation and morphofunctional changes in the placenta in placental insufficiency of varied severity. For this purpose, 65 pregnant women were examined, and as was found, multiple hereditary defects of hemostasis and/or circulating APA would lead to disorders of the intervillous space and also to considerable disorders in the formation of the villous tree and their combination. Also, a decrease of the processes of apoptosis has been noted with an increase of the number of mutations and/or polymorphisms, which is confirmed by increased expression of Bcl-2 in placental tissues and higher antibody titers to annexin V. For multigene thrombophilias inhibited proliferative activity of villous tree cells is also characteristic. In the group with multiple defects of hemostasis an extremely low intensity of proliferation – 5.8% – was noted.