Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

Constipation in pregnant women: problem and solutions

The examination included 42 pregnant women aged from 21 to 42 years with difficult bowel emptying both prior to the onset of pregnancy and newly developed at various terms of gestation. Before Forlax therapy began the most troublesome, irrespective of the period of development of constipation, were: feeling of incomplete bowel emptying (45.2%), dissatisfaction with defecation (73.8%) and meteorism (50.0%). Treatment of constipation (Forlax®) began with recommendation of frequent (not less than 5–6 times per day) small meals, inclusion of fiber-rich and sour-milk products into the diet. A course of treatment with Forlax has proven to be effective, and it is noteworthy that in the most severe group of 19 patients with prolonged (more than 3 days) constipation no such episodes were noted. The number of both general complaints and complaints of a feeling of incomplete bowel emptying, abdominal distention, dissatisfaction with defecation, etc. decreased sharply. No cases of uterine hypertonus or increased threatened abortion were noted.