Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

Efficacy and acceptability of combined oral contraceptives in a prolonged regimen

The  article  presents  the  results  of  studying  the  efficacy  and  acceptability  of  using  the  combined  oral  contraceptive  (COC) Marvelon in a prolonged regimen, and also additional non-contraceptive benefits of a prolonged scheme of taking the COC. The prolonged regimen was found to be effective and acceptable in patients of reproductive age who needed effective contraception. Evidence about additional non-contraceptive benefits of a prolonged regimen in patients with symptoms of PMS, primary dysmenorrhea,  and  hyperpolymenorrhea  was  received.  The  data  obtained  in  the  course  of  the  study  were  indicative  of  the absence of a negative effect of the prolonged scheme on both the general state of the patients and on the indices of arterial blood pressure and body weight. Side effects in the form of intermenstrual blood-tinged discharge occurred mainly in the first three months of taking the COC and did not require administration of additional therapy. The results of the study permit to consider a prolonged regimen of intake of Marvelon to be an effective and safe contraception method that has a number of noncontraceptive benefits.