Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

The use of Magne B6 for prevention of gestosis in pregnant women from a high risk group

The study that included 141 pregnant women showed that prevention of gestosis using the preparation Magne B6 permitted to  considerably  reduce  the  incidence  and  severity  of  gestosis  and  fetoplacental  insufficiency  (FPI),  improve  outcomes  of pregnancy  and  labor,  and  the  state  of  the  neonate.  The  frequency  of  diagnosed  complications  of  pregnancy  was  reliably higher in the group of women who did not receive Magne B6. The efficacy of prophylactic and therapeutic administration of Magne B6 was especially clearly manifested in women with a history of habitual miscarriage, and with gestosis and FPI during previous pregnancies.