Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

Debatable aspects of peritoneal endometriosis

The  article  features  some  debatable  aspects  of  morphogenesis  and  treatment  of  peritoneal  endometriosis.  Attention  is drawn to the fact that the leading method of treatment of such patients is surgical intervention. On the other hand treatment of patients with endometriosis should be complex and include: 1) use of hormonal medication (antihormones)- 2) correction of immune disorders- 3) action on the antioxidant system- 4) inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis- 5) activation of the functions of the liver and the pancreas- 6) neurotropic action. Action on the antioxidant system should be regarded as one of  important  components  of  complex  therapy  of  patients  with  peritoneal  endometriosis,  since  in  foci  of  endometriosis marked scarry-infiltrative and sclerotic lesions of tissues are observed that cause impaired blood circulation of the organs of the small pelvis.