Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

A rare variety of trophoblastic neoplasia: epithelioid tumor

The authors analyzed specificities of the clinical course, diagnosis and treatment in a rare variety of trophoblastic neoplasia – epithelioid tumor. Diagnosis of epithelioid tumor, as well as of any other trophoblastic tumor, should be complex. It should be based on medical history data, specific clinical features, detection of the serum level of beta-chorionic gonadotropin (CG), findings of US (of the abdomen and organs of the small pelvis), x-ray examination of the lungs, MRI of the brain. The basis for diagnosis is a morphological examination of tumor. It is important that when finding any focal changes in the lungs, brain (x-ray), liver, kidneys (US) in patients of reproductive age it is necessary to detect, as part of complex examination and to rule out possible clinical errors, their serum level of CG, higher levels of which might be indicative of the development of trophoblastic disease. Further examination and treatment of such patients should be carried out in specialized clinics that have a positive experience of treatment of patients with trophoblastic tumors.