Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

Postpartum infections: pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment

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Basiladze E.N. /

The review deals with postpartum infection. It has been shown that in the pathogenesis of infectious-inflammatory complications in puerperas, along with the action of infectious agents, the impairments of the immune and interferon status, hemostasis and hormonal balance are of great importance. The clinical picture is varied, with prevalence of occult and atypical forms  of  postpartum  infection.  The  diagnosis  is  based  on  the  findings  of  microbiological  (if  indicated  –  virological),  biochemical, histological, echographic examinations, and MRI scans. Treatment is always complex, including the use of antibacterial, antiviral, detoxicant, rheo- and immunocorrecting drugs, medication to improve general well-being, and vacuum aspiration of the uterine content.