Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

A clinico-laboratory evaluation of the efficacy of a complex treatment of lichen sclerosus of the vulva

The article presents the results of treatment of 93 patients with lichen sclerosus of the vulva using a copper vapor laser. The treatment led to a decrease of complaints of burning, dryness of the vagina, emotional lability, after the course of laser therapy a lower incidence of colposcopic signs and relapses of disease was observed. It was shown that one of the mechanisms of therapeutic action of laser therapy was optimization of the balance between the pro- and antioxidant systems (decreased concentrations  of  malonic  dialdehyde  and  dienic  conjugates,  activation  of  catalase  and  superoxide  dismutase  enzymes).  The immunomodulating effect of laser therapy was manifested in a change of the number of cells with the phenotypes CD3, CD4, CD16, CD21- normalization of receptor expression on lymphocyte, neutrophil and monocyte membranes (of transferrin CD71, interleukin-2 СD25, the apoptosis antigen СD 95)- increased indices of phagocytosis.