Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

Prevention and treatment of commissural disease of small pelvis organs in women

The authors studied the efficacy of using the drug Longidaza for prevention and treatment of commissural disease of organs of the small pelvis on the background of exacerbation of chronic inflammatory diseases of the internal genitals. The examination involved 50 women aged from 18 to 42 years. The patients were divided randomly into 2 groups: the experimental (30 patients) and the control ones (20 patients). The patients of the experimental group received Longidaza 3000 IU per vaginum No 1 daily in combination with basic antibacterial therapy. The patients of group 2 received only basic therapy in combination with placebo. The administered combined therapy resulted in elimination of specific pathogens from cervical mucus in 92% of case in group 1 patients, while in group 2 patients elimination of pathogens was obtained only in 32% of cases. After treatment using Longidaza the number of patients who had patency of 1 or 2 uterine tubes increased by 23%, while in the control group – by 5%. After the therapy, in patients with tubo-peritoneal infertility pregnancy developed in 20% of cases in the experimental group, and in the control group no pregnancies followed.