Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

The state of vaginal microcenosis and ways of correcting its disorders during pregnancy

Normally, during pregnancy colonizational resistance of the vaginal biotope increases. On the other hand, disorders of vaginal microcenosis occur in every second pregnant woman. Early safe correction of vaginal flora permits to decrease the incidence of  complications  of  pregnancy,  labor,  and  of  the  puerperium  related  to  infection  and  to  improve  perinatal  indices.  The  study demonstrates a high efficacy of Hexicon for treatment of disorders of vaginal microcenosis in pregnant women. Hexicon does not produce any negative effect on the amount of lactobacilli and has good tolerance. High incidence of relapses of disorders of vaginal microcenosis can be prevented by combining local treatment with an increase of general resistance of the body using interferon medications (interferon alpha-2) and Wobenzym.