Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

The role of testing renal hemodynamics in treatment of pregnant women with pyelonephritis

Authors / Institutions

Baev O.R. /
Lebedskoy-Tambiev A.A. /

The article presents data of a retrospective and prospective analysis of the results of examination and treatment of 453 pregnant  women  with  chronic  pyelonephritis  from  a  risk  group  for  development  of  gestational  pyelonephritis.  Specific  features  of renal hemodynamics in pregnant women with this pathology were studied and tactics of management was worked out. It was clearly demonstrated that the administration of inhibitor-protected aminopenicillins controlled by indices of renal hemodynamics in  pregnant  women  with  pyelonephritis  permitted  to  decrease  the  rate  of  urological,  obstetric  complications  and  unfavorable perinatal outcomes.