Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology

A comparative characteristic of the ultrasound picture of the adrenals of fetuses and neonates

The article presents the findings of an ultrasound examination of the adrenals of 36 fetuses at different terms of normal pregnancy and of 36 healthy neonates at 1, 3, 4–5 and 6–7 days of life. The changing sizes of the glands (length, width, thickness) at different terms of gestation and in the early neonatal period are given. Blood flow was examined using Doppler color mapping, differences of its parameters in the pre- and postnatal periods were revealed. It has been demonstrated that the adrenals of the fetus are one of the most important regulatory components that ensure humoral homeostasis of progressing pregnancy and survival of the fetus in conditions of labor-associated stress.