The submission of the articles

1. Articles shall be accepted by the editorial board for consideration only with a covering letter from the institution, in which the authors work, addressed to the editor-in-chief of the journal.

2. Articles should be submitted electronically by e-mail in the format of MS Word with enclosure of scanned copies of the covering letter and the first page of the article with signatures of all coauthors of the manuscript in the format of Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf). A paper copy of the manuscript signed by the author (s), and the original of the covering letter should be mailed to the address of the editorial board.

3. The first page should include: 
• the title of the article;
• the initials and family names of the author (authors);
• the name of the institution (institutions), in which the work was performed with indication of affiliation (Ministry of Public Health, Academy of Sciences, etc.); then, after a comma, a city where the institution is located and a country;
• near the author’s family name and the name of the institution, numerals in the upper register should specify in which institution each of the authors works;
• «For correspondence» information. The family name, first name (fully), academic degree, academic rank, position in the institution/institutions, working address with a postal code, working contact telephone number and e-mail addresses of all coauthors should be indicated. Avoid abbreviations. The author responsible for contact with the editorial board is indicated first.

4. The title of the article should be brief and informative. In the title of the article no abbreviations are allowed, nor trade names of drugs, biologically active food supplements, products, healthcare products, medical equipment, diagnostic tools, diagnostic tests, etc. can be used.

5. An abstract of the article in Russian up to 1500 keystrokes including spaces and the key words (not more than 8) in the order of significance should be submitted on a separate page. The abstract is an information source independent from the article. It will be published separately from the bulk of the article and should be understandable without reference to the publication itself. The abstract is a brief and coherent exposure of the materials of the publication according to the major sections and it should highlight the main content of the article, follow the coherence of the material and description of the results in the article with exposition of concrete data.
• An abstract of the original article should have the following structure: Objective, Patients (Materials) and methods, Results and Conclusion. All sections should be set off in bold type;
• For other articles (a review, “for a doctor’s help” rubric, exchange of experience, etc.) – an abstract should include a brief exposition of the main conception of the article and key words.

6. Requirements to the text of the article. Page format – А4, type Times New Roman, 12 size font, line spacing – 1,5. Margins: top and bottom – 2.5 cm, left– 3.5 cm, right– 1.5 cm. The document sent to the editorial board should be formatted as *.doc or *.docx.
• articles should not exceed 15 pages – for original articles, 20 – for literature review, 12 – for lectures, 8 – for clinical observations;
• the structure of the original article: Introduction, Patients (Materials) and methods, Results of study and their discussion, Conclusion;
• description of statistical methods used in the article is obligatory;
• units of measurement should be used in terms of the International System of Units (SI);
• the use of not universally accepted abbreviations is not allowed. All abbreviations should be deciphered when they first appear in the article, further in the text only the abbreviation is used. Rare and highly specialized terms should also be deciphered;
if participation of animal or human beings as objects of study is planned, the authors should make sure that the manuscript indicates that all stages of the study correspond to the legislation of the Russian Federation, international ethic norms and normative documents of research organizations, and are approved by related committees. The manuscript should clearly state that all individuals appearing as objects of research have given their informed consent.
• in description of pharmaceutical preparations their active substance (international nonproprietary name – INN), trade name, manufacturing company, country of production should be indicated as they first appear in the article; all names and dosages should be carefully checked. Description of post-registration clinical trials of pharmaceutical preparations, food products, biologically active food supplements and children’s care products should include information about registration and permission of official licensing authorities to use the given product (registration number, date of registration).

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