Publishing house "Dynasty" presents

Publishing house "Dynasty" presents to your attention the book “Almanac of the history of medicine: unknown and controversial pages”. For the first time in the national historical-medical literature published research material, specially devoted to the study of myths and realities in the historiography of the national and global medicine. All the leading experts in the history of medicine participated in the preparation of Almanac. A lot of books, articles, albums, pictures are dedicated to the past of medicine – to its history and origins on millennial path of humanity. Almanac, in addition to deep and serious content, has excellent form, namely, it is perfectly illustrated. Almost every section of the almanac includes either engravings, or photographs, or reproductions of paintings by artists from around the world.

New articles

03/18/2016 The first case of Zika fever in Russia

In early February 2016, acute infection caused by the Zika virus was diagnosed in a Russian tourist who returned from the Dominican Republic. »»»

08/17/2015 A scandal around Ebola fever

RIA «Novosti» reports: an American nurse Nina Pham, who became infected with Ebola fever at a Dallas hospital, sued the hospital’s parent company – Texas Health Resources (THR). According to the plaintiff, she has not received necessary instructions before caring for a patient infected with the deadly virus. »»»

03/24/2015 Sleep disorders as a possible risk factor of somatic and psychopathological diseases in childhood

The review deals with topical problems of complex diagnosis and correction of sleep disorders in children. Special attention is paid to pathophysiological mechanisms and clinical aspects of the interrelation between sleep disorders and development of somatic and psychopathological disorders, based on analysis of literature data the leading risk factors of development of oncological diseases are shown. »»»

03/23/2015 Practical aspects of differential diagnosis of coeliac disease and gluten hypersensitivity

To determine the frequency of the pathological alleles DQ2 and DQ8 in children diagnosed with coeliac disease and the possibility of taking them into consideration in differential diagnosis of forms of gluten intolerance. »»»