ISSN 2414-9004 (Online)

ISSN 2224-5448 (Print)

Journal of National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists.

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The journal publishes original articles, reviews, lectures, clinical case reports on modern aspects of clinical dietetics and nutritional science: nutrigenomics, metabolomics, biochemistry of organism in normal state and pathology; clinical nutrition; organizational aspects of nutrition of individuals and groups (in hospitals, educational institutions, etc.), nutritional support in critical states. The journal provides information about new dietetic food products, products with a specified chemical composition, biologically active food supplements and their rational use for optimization of rations of healthy and ill persons.

The group of scientific specialties – 14.01.00 – clinical medicine.

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Format: А4 • Circulation: from 7000 copies • Volume: from 80 pages • Periodicity: 4 times a year • Print: full-colour.

The journal is registered by the Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with the Legislation in Mass Media and Cultural Heritage Protection. Registration number PI No.FS77-44569 of 15.04.2011.