Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology


ISSN 2414-9152 (Online)

ISSN 1726-1678 (Print)

A scientific and practical journal. The journal has been published since 2002 and is meant for obstetricians and gynaecologists, including particular specialties (radiology, endoscopy, chemotherapy) and perinatologists.

The journal publishes original research works, reviews of literature, lectures, methodological recommendations, clinical observations.

The group of scientific specialties – 14.01.00 – clinical medicine.

The journal is included into SCOPUS Databases.

Themes of publications:

  • treatment and prevention of intrauterine infections;
  • modern aspects of drug therapy in obstetrics and gynaecology;
  • gynaecological endocrinology and oncology;
  • use of noninvasive and invasive methods for diagnosing the state of the fetus;
  • new surgical methods in obstetrics and gynaecology.

The journal is in the List of leading scientific journals and periodicals of the Supreme Attestation Committee, where the principal results of doctoral dissertations should be published.

Catalogue subscription indices: ROSPECHAT: Legal entities – 85145 Physical persons – 85144 ARZI Legal entities – 12916 Physical persons – 88096 MAP 12503

Format: А4 • Circulation: from 10 000 copies • Volume: from 96 pages • Periodicity: 6 times a year • Print: full-colour.

The journal is registered by the Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with the Legislation in Mass Media and Cultural Heritage Protection. Registration number PI No.FS 77-25042 of 21.07.2006.